The Irish Director Jim Sheridan (“In the name of the Father”) mention in Valladolid to Red Hugh O´Donnell

Valladolid, 30th Oct 22 (Hispano-Irish).- The 67th Edition of SEMINCI, the International Film Week of Valladolid (Spain), ended. Very special because it has had IRELAND as the Guest Country, Jim Sheridan with Spike of Honor, and in the official section Silver Spike to the Irish film “The Quiet Girl”

By Carlos Burgos. (President of the Hispano-Irish Association).

This fantastic year 2022 is almost coming to an end in which what was the Capital of Spain at the time of Red Hugh O’Donnell, Valladolid, seems to have become the “Capital” of Ireland for a while, or at least its favorite daughter. Valladolid is giving all the sensitive efforts for Ireland as easy to see.

As President of Hispano-Irish I cannot stop of being extremely proud of everything that has happened this year in Valladolid. Being able to have the magnificent Director Jim Sheridan in our city, Director of “In the Name of the Father”, “My Left Foot”, “The Boxer”, … has been wonderful. And to top it all off, his words at the Seminci Closing Gala, broadcast by RTVE, in which he thanks “Valladolid for the treatment given to Red Hugh O’Donnell almost 500 years ago.” This shows all the importance and all the recognition that Valladolid is given outside its borders for what is being done, promoting the Spanish-Irish brotherhood.


The presence of the Irish Ambassador in Spain, Frank Smyth, who also already seems to be an adopted son of Valladolid. Never has an Ambassador visited a Spanish city so many times. And that he has shown us his support, his closeness, his distinction towards the efforts of Valladolid and Spain in general with the Irish people. THANK YOU SO MUCH AMBASSADOR!!

A Film Festival that has allowed us to establish deep relationships with the entire world of cinema in Ireland, with Directors, Producers, Actors, State Irish Film Agencies,… Being able to view and award the Silver Spike to such a wonderful film as “The Quiet Girl”, and sharing moments with its Director, Colm Bairéad, this powerful professional who knows how to communicate in such a profound way, maintaining a simplicity and closeness that has made us feel closer to the Irish People.

Thanks Colm!!!

And last but not least, the fact that this Festival has had the Presentation of the Documentary “Red Hugh O’Donnell, the last trip”. Something that was very necessary to see and praise in the city and in the world, which put its passion and resources into trying to locate the body of the Irish Prince buried in the now-defunct San Francisco Convent, a tomb shared with Admiral Christopher Columbus.

Thanks to the Valladolid City Council, Thank you Seminci, and especially thanks to the Irish Denise O’Keefe, and to the researchers, historians, communicators, journalists, pioneers and entrepreneurs, who among all of you put Valladolid at the center of all the international press during a few months in 2020, and also now in 2022.  That will remain forever.


Historians say O’Donnell’s skeleton will be easily identifiable since it is well documented that he lost toes to frostbite following his escape from Dublin Castle in 1591.

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