With Ireland as an invited country. The La Fila Festival will screen short films from 17 countries in Valladolid (EL NORTE DE CASTILLA)

Valladolid, April 2nd 2024 (EL NORTE DE CASTILLA)

The José Luis Mosquera civic center will host the event’s programming and screenings from April 8 to 13

Valladolid (SPAIN), April 2nd 2024 (EL NORTE DE CASTILLA)

The La Fila International Short Film Festival will celebrate its 28th edition from April 8 to 13 at the José Luis Mosquera civic center, where animation, fiction and documentary films will be exhibited with the participation of 17 countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Peru, Denmark, Mexico, Sweden, Andorra, United States, Argentina, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Iran, Italy and Japan.

The competition will begin on Monday, April 8, at 7:00 p.m., with a tribute to Federico Fellini on the occasion of his centenary. Ana Cea will be in charge of taking a tour of the world of short films through the work of the Italian film director and screenwriter, with the screening of ‘Agenzia Matrimoniale’, ‘Tres Stop Banca de Roma’, ‘Stop Campari’ and ‘ Alta societá: Rigatoni Barilla’.

The 24th Short Film Festival of Castilla y León will exhibit short films in competition and will have the participation of educational centers. In addition, this year the section has been expanded with the participation of new contestants from film schools, universities or independents, “with the aim of covering a more plural and youthful character,” stated in a statement from the City Council. In addition, a large part of the screenings will be dedicated to the director Patricia Ferreira, who recently passed away, with the viewing of ‘The Best Kept Secret’ and a short film about the life of Fellini, along with others of an educational nature.

Tribute to Concha Velasco

On Friday, April 12, the La Fila Festival will pay a special tribute to Concha Velasco from Valladolid, with the screening of ‘The Garden Children’ and the presence of its director, Manuel Velasco. Professor Francisco Javier de la Plaza and his passion for cinema will also be remembered in a talk by Marina Caballero, with the screening of several short films. Ireland will be the guest country of this edition.

Finally, an exhibition will be organized in collaboration with the Alliance Française under the title ‘Women in Resistance’, by Pierre Yves Ginet, from April 1 to 15. The Festival will close on April 13 with the awards ceremony and the screening of the winning short films.

The La Fila Cinematography Cultural Association was created in 1994, publishes two biannual film magazines and organizes an annual short film festival, as well as the screening of film gatherings and various activities related to the seventh art.

The Seminci Space of the Calderón Theater hosted its presentation with the participation of the Councilor for Tourism, Events and City Brand, Blanca Jiménez; the director of Seminci, José Luis Cienfuegos; the president of the Hispano-Irish Association, Carlos Burgos, and the director of the La Fila Festival, Isabel Blanco.

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